Chelsea 2008

Chelsea 2008 Success: 'A Passion for Plants'
The North West Group was privileged to repesent the Society at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show and awarded a Silver-Gilt Flora medal. Our members are attracted mainly from Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Furness in Cumbria. Inspiration for the exhibit was drawn from the industrial heritage and the vast range of plants that can be grown in the north west.

The overall shape of the exhibit is reminiscent of a flower with five petals, consisting of four planting areas and a curved metal sculpture forming a shelter. The shelter, designed by one of our members, is symbolic. It expresses appreciation of The Hardy Plant Society, which both nurtures hardy plants and, through education and fellowship, shelters its members. The images opposite show the four planting areas: Damp and Sunny, Dry and Sunny (top row ); and Damp and Shady, Dry and Shady (bottom row). The plants are predominantly spring perennials chosen for their attractive flowers or foliage with the occasional shrub, small tree or climber to give structure. Plantswoman Carol Klein on BBC TV gave a tour of the display, covering about 25 plants. Thank you, Carol!  Blog

Thanks also to Linda Viney for an article in Lancashire LIfe March 2008, pp. 180-82 and a follow-up on our display in July 2008, pp. 126-29.










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