Southport Summer Show, August '05
Hardy Plants from around the World

This information is based on our hand-out to visitors at the show.

Our exhibit is divided into four corners; these represent four habitats which most of us can provide in our own gardens. In them we can give home to a vast array of plants which have come to our shores from all over the world.

Britain's moist and mild climate favours many plants and makes our gardens the most varied and interesting.

© Maggie Towse

The first habitat is WATER MARGINS.

With a small pool or a stream we can grow plants which like to be submerged in water and those which like to be submerged in the wet area around the edges. These mostly do best in an open sunny site with flowing water.

© Maggie Towse

The second is SHADE.

This area can be in the shadow of a house or building facing east, north or west and in the sun for a short time. It can be at the edge of a wooded area with trees such as birch or oak nearby, or evergreens such as pine or spruce.

Many plants will grow under light tree shade. But under dense tree shade such as beech, little will grow in summer due to lack of light and lack of moisture; here only spring bulbs and ivy will do well.

© Maggie Towse

The third is best described as the OPEN BORDER

This is an area where soil is of good consistency, friable and free-draining but where there is adequate moisture for the plants' roots, especially in summer when they need it most.

Solid clay is not a good home for many border plants, nor is light sand. The majority of perennials favour this habitat and do well here in full sun or sun and partial shade.

© Maggie Towse

The fourth is DRY.

Plants described as Mediterranean thrive in this habitat; they need to have sharp drainage in sandy or gritty soil, be raised above any clay layer, and be in full sun.

Their chief enemy is wet soil in winter, so a south-facing wall is a good choice. In our display you will see a good variety of plants in each section.

© Maggie Towse

EDUCATIONAL DISPLAY stand showing 'Plants from around the world' feature.

Seed sowing demonstration equipment, propagator and information leaflets on tables.

© Maggie Towse
Part of 'Plant hunting around the world' display
© Maggie Towse
The display was awarded a Large Gold Medal and Silver Challenge Shield for the best amateur society. Congratulations and special thanks to all our members who contributed to the successful outcome!
© Joan Chadwick

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