Would you like a large cup of strong Yorkshire tea made with only the most choice blend of leaves?
(Harlow Carr, Feb 2007)

Boot-anical gardens

Seen on the way to Prague Botanical Garden (Botanická Zahrada).......

.......and in a new part of the real botanical garden at Fata Morgana (Morgan le Fay) the recently constructed, 130 metre long, S-shaped, hi-tech tropical greenhouse, which is divided into three sections: semi-desert; tropical rainforest; and cooled.

Harlow Carr (1)

Harlow Carr (2)
BBC GQT team foxed: who is burying the sausages and eggs in my plantpots?

When the GQT team visited Myerscough College student Debbie Attle wanted to know who was burying sausages and eggs in her plantpots. This flummoxed the panel, but several listeners wrote in to suggest the culprit was probably a fox. One listener even supplied a photo.