Lady's Slipper
Theft of Rare Orchid
It was reported on BBC1 North West News (22/7/04) that a Lady's Slipper, Cyprepedium calceolus, had been stolen from an English Nature protected site in the North West. It is believed that the plant was stolen to order. Lady's Slipper, which is one of the rarest plants in the UK, is protected by law. It is easily distinguished from other species by its yellow, slipper-like labellum and brown-maroon petals.

News Update: According to The Times (9/4/05) residual roots of the ruined plant were showing signs of a remarkable recovery - green shoots were reappearing. Subsequently, over the late May bank holiday weekend the plant bore three flowers, as shown on BBC1 NW News (30/5/05).

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Cyprepedium calceolus
Cyprepedium calceolus
Cyprepedium Ulla Silkens
Cyprepedium Ulla Silkens gx

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Bletilla striata
Bletilla striata